Frank Bradford Photography | Bill Uhlinger Memorial Hunt

Smithtown Hunt and The Nassau Suffolk Horsemen's Association Rough Riders Honor Long Island's greatest Equestrian C. William Uhlinger. November 21, 1944 - October 3, 2011.

Bill Uhlinger founded the Rough Riders over a decade and a half ago. An avid reeenactor historian, Bill loved the cavalry school programs he founded that educated tens of thousands of Long Island, New York school children about the real life of the cavalryman in war and peace.

An avid Fox hunter Bill was a member of the Smithtown Hunt founded in 1900. Riding with his trusted mounts, Lexington, Murphy and Tank for more the three decades. As a much respected sportsman Bill was honored with a memorial hunt at SUNY Old Westbury, his favorite fixture.

Bill, will be missed in the field.

Photos by Patricia Bradford
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